J.M. Bustorff took his degree in Fine Arts at the Academy of F.A. in Hamburg. After finishing it the German Government awards him a scholarship to proceed studying popular and fine arts in Portugal. Before he arrived there he travelled during five months through Mediterranean countries and also North Africa, drawing and writing. He exhibits the results of all that work in five Portuguese cities and publishes a book “Diary in Alentejo” in German and Portuguese, four years later.

The city of Hamburg awards him another sholarship. Then he elaborates with the Alentejo landworkers a wide oil painting on canvas (14 m²) over their daily life.

- In 1982 he is in Mozambique and works fo the Ministery of Agriculture being responsible for its Magazine and its distribution. He travels trough Mozambique and Africa.

Three years later he leaves for Rome devoting himself exclusively to painting.

- In 1987 he paints and takes photos in Sudan. He travels frequently through the big deserts.
- In 1991 he is at the University of Windhoek (Namibia) lecturing over Creativity in Artworks, while he continues with his own activity as a painter.
- From 1992 to 94 he lives in Paris. There he makes copies of Delacroix and Gericault in the Louvre Museum and goes on working in a privat studio.
- In winter 1994 he travels to Macao, Hong Kong and crosses the South of China.

1995 he decides to live and work in Portugal again.


1999 paints to offer to Museo de la Revolución in Habana (Cuba) a very large painting which was hung between the second and the third floor in staircase.


2000 he finishes after ten years of search, a work (16 m²) which he entitles “Archeology of the 20th century”. The same year he develops an interchange with foundations of San Salvador, Bahia/Brazil, which led him to lecture in the University and to work on his artworks in the following years.


2002 he wins the first prize of the Biennal of Glass in Marinha Grande, Portugal, with a sculpture on the esthetic message of Duchamp. That same year he wins the first prize of painting of the second Congress of Trás os Montes.
He held exhibitions and lectured in all the countries where he was.

His main points in his work are: permanent research and innovation.

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